How to Keep the Romance Alive and Survive Life with Littles

So you met the girl or guy and your life lights up.

Then he asked the question and you said yes! (or vice versa 🙂

Your married life is going along swell when that little plus sign appears.

Here comes a whole new adventure.

Before you know it you have 2 or 3 new adventures and the romance can be difficult to keep alive after you’ve experienced all the life that comes along with babies.

Sure you are closer than ever in some ways. You have shared some incredible experiences together and hopefully it has only made you stronger. But finding the time to actually love on one another and not just survive the day-to-day demands is a huge challenge.

Of course, it’s great when you can find a sitter and actually go-out or stay-in kid-free.

But we all know that’s not always reality.

So here are a few creative ideas to keeping the romance alive.

My personal favorite is waiting until all the babies (we only have two so this works well for us) are in need of a nap. We then load them into their car seat and hit up our favourite local coffee drive through.This gives us a chance to enjoy the quiet of babies sleeping and to really talk- uninterrupted! We can generally eek out a 2 hour date this way. If you have a spouse who’s love language is quality time this is a huge winner! You can give them undivided attention which well is nearly impossible with littles.

We- err I- really enjoy hiking and my husband loves me. So we will wear our boys and go out and enjoy nature. As the kids get bigger this is of course more challenging. But we still really enjoy the quality time together while soaking up God’s amazing creativity. This also allows us to go places that are typically more challenging with babies. Babywearing for the win!

Another one is hitting up your favourite local coffee shop and getting that coffee to go. Find a quiet local park where the kids can play by themselves and once again you have a chance to connect semi-uninterrupted. This is of course less guaranteed than the drive.

So we really like coffee( is there a parent that doesn’t?) so most of our kid-dates involve that.

But we also like wine (again what parent doesn’t?).

So sometimes we will turn on the favourite cartoon that actually grabs their attention for more than 20 minutes. Snuggle up on the couch and enjoy a glass of wine together. Sometimes the kids pile on but they don’t share the wine.

Here’s to you keeping the romance alive and thriving in your years with littles.

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