How Babywearing Saved My Sanity

Babywearing is somewhat trendy these days.

But for so many parents it’s not a trend. It’s a life saver!

While we were expecting our first son, I discovered this weird and wonderful world of woven wraps and soft structured carriers. I found it intriguing but at the time I felt it was also semi-unnecessary. Why would you ever need more than one contraption to carry your child in?

Now I laugh at my naive mind.

Soon after we had our son, we realised at LEAST one more carrier would be very helpful because spit up- seemingly gallons of spit up. Well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I felt like I was always washing that wrap and then anxiously waiting for it to dry (we lived in Europe at the time and had no dryer).

The spit up combined with the fact that our sweet newborn was a crazy needy snuggler who refused to be set down for more than 10 minutes at a time meant we NEEDED another carrier of some sort. My postpartum anxiety meant that I literally could not let him cry it out, even if I had wanted too (which I didn’t).

Shortly after, we bought our first woven wrap and I fell in love as well as felt rescued. Our son always had the means to be wrapped close which meant for a happier baby and Mama.

I felt free. We started to go out daily for walks which eased my postpartum anxiety. I could contribute slightly to keeping the house in a reasonable state and be a person in my own right not just a constant baby soother.

Then it happened again with our second son.

Having a 23 month old and a newborn is no joke. You need hands. Throw in reflux and postpartum anxiety (again!) and once again baby wearing to the rescue. I had a small stash of woven wraps built up by this time. Soon after we joined the soft structured carrier club simply for convenience for tandem wearing. That’s right there were many times they both wanted up at the same time. How else can a mama get outside and enjoy the great hiking (not always stroller friendly)?

My collections of wraps and soft structured carriers could be seen as excessive but once again they recently came to the rescue on our international trip to the Netherlands. You can read more on that here.

So I wouldn’t trade them for pots of gold. They have literally saved so many tears (from the babies and from the mama). I have so many precious memories contained in those floppy carriers.

And really what’s more precious than a baby bringing you his wrap and asking for ups?

My heart melts every time.

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