3 Reasons to stop putting off Minimizing 

So I’m a procrastinator at heart– it’s awful and I’m working on it.

Anything that is new or out of my normal gets put off. No matter how much I like an idea I have to mull it over for ages.

So this trend called minimalism was no different. I loved the idea and told myself I was jumping right in. But then I froze– What if it actually made more work and I lost more time with my children doing it?

As a stay-at-home-mom this is a constant struggle… the point of being home is to invest in my small children but the day to day grind steals that time away so fast. It would be a lot of work to simplify our house that was a certainty. But would it be worth it? Long story short today the answer came glaring through– yes!

It’s a process and it can be slow and it is a lot of work. But with every step of simplifying I’m gaining time and space in my mind and with my children.

So here’s why you should stop putting it off–

1. It’s supposed to make your life easier.

And it does!! For months I’ve been terrified to truly minimize our kitchen to the point of getting rid of our dishwasher because we wouldn’t have enough dishes to fill it. But that would mean doing dishes by hand – oh the horrors!!

But this week in the midst of summer insanity and two sick kiddos I did it! And it is way easier!! Did you hear me two sick kids and it was easier to keep up the dishes by hand?!

So for real stop putting it off- I wish I had done this months ago! Two minutes here and there as I was doing stuff in the kitchen anyway is much easier than finding a full hour to tackle the mountain of dishes that has piled up.

2. Stress be gone!

Our stuff literally bogs us down and the clutter stresses me out! And it does most people. Less mess = less stress. I can truly enjoy snuggling my sick babies and I don’t have a boggling to-do list running in the back of my head because my house is mostly tidy despite not being able to clean a lot this week.

3. Happy Kids = Happy Mama

My kids play better with space which means I get more space to enjoy them and less tears to soothe because they are overwhelmed by the clutter– just like I am!

Our play space is a work-in-progress and a balancing act when it comes to minimizing as I also want them to have good tools to play creatively and for Little Bird to continue his communication development. But at the moment it is well-loved.

So this is a step our journey to simplifying our spaces and life so that we can invest in the people and experiences that make a real difference in our life. I’m glad I made it and I hope you make your leap though it may look vastly different than mine as each of our journeys are unique.

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