Insanity Insues 

Spring is in the air and life is full to overflowing as always with two busy little boys. Finding time to write has been a bigger challenge than I expected… they keep me on my toes!

Little Bird is making amazing progress with his communication. My mama heart is bursting with pride at how hard he tries. Right now we are thinking he has Apraxia of Speech and that makes his ASD appear much more severe than it actually is. As we unlock his ability to communicate and reach into his world we are discovering a precious little goofball. Right now I’m up to my eyeballs in materials and books about Floortime and Affect-based speech development- learning more about the brain than I ever thought I’d need to know.

Little Monkey is starting to talk– it seems like he is trying a new sound or word just about every day! He is growing and developing so fast I can hardly keep up! Literally I think he can almost outrun me already!

I’m tackling a few new projects– a blog post to come soon about my adventures in sewing! A different venture into creativity but I’m loving it just the same.

Also soon my Handsome Dutchman will be sharing this space to share some of his coffee nerdiness- which is amazing!

As well as hoping to share our journey and thoughts on the new trend of minimalism… lots of craziness happening here. So many thoughts if only I could find the time to sit and sort them out– see you soon!

Hope you have an amazing Monday!!

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