Oops I Blinked!

Seriously! It’s already been almost a month since I’ve visited this space- completely unacceptable.. Time certainly has a way of flying these days.

Our Little Bird is busy with preschool and loving it!

Our Little Monkey is growing fast than I can grasp it! Right on track developmentally which does my heart a lot of good, but I still am reeling with how quickly it actually goes.. Little Bird was a much more chill baby.

My Handsome Dutchman is still dreaming and working hard to make sure we are cared for and know we are loved. He is seriously the best.

And I have ART SUPPLIES! I’m so excited and my fingers are itching to play again!

So hopefully I will see you here Friday with a work in progress as I have much to relearn, practice and process as life has thrown us a few curve balls since I last had regular creative space.


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